Syringes / Integrated Safety System Syringes

Integrated Safety System Syringes

The Integrated Safety System is the combination of miniMax by Tip-Top and EZ-fill®platform by OMPI. The new technology allows to reduce our customers’ Total Cost of Ownership through:

  • reduction of non-quality costs (Premature Activation)
  • reduction of logistic space (incoming and outcominig)
  • lower impact on secondary packaging (Blister and carton box)
  • minimization of regulatory impact
  • any investment for safety device assembling machine




The ISS Platform is designed to be customizable for all staked needle syringe formats and meets the needs of different drug products application such as Biotech, Heparine, Vaccines

 Customization is related to:

  • needle gauge & length
  • barrel volume
  • ISO standard rubber components
  • siliconization
  • additional features

ISS is designed to fit the existing Fill-Finish formats. The ISS is supplied in a standard nest and tub configuration for easy processing on existing fill-finish lines.




Advantages for the end user:

  • intuitive use and user experience similar to a standard syringe
  • fully passive system: avoid piercing after rubber needle shield removal

 Advantages for the Pharma company:

  • complies with the legislation and allows introduction into not-regulated markets
  • requires no disruption of the existing standard prefilled syringe production and filling infra-structure
  • no changes to the standard primary drug container of choice. Minimized impact in case of switch