Corporate Responsibility

Code of ConductOur Code of Conduct defines the Stevanato Group requirements for suppliers (including service providers) concerning their responsibility towards both humans and the environment. We expect our suppliers not only to fulfill these requirements, but to promote and impose compliance with the Code of Conduct on their own suppliers in turn.
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EnvironmentAs the Stevanato Group is an increasingly visible presence in the communities in which it operates, we recognize its potential impact on the environment and on society in general. Stevanato Group leaders therefore subscribe to excellence in environmental and social responsibility, and in promoting business operations and behaviors that are appropriate, effective, and visible. We are particularly focused on achieving positive and tangible results in the following areas:

  • Environmental Management & Monitoring Systems
  • Alignment with laws & regulations to protect the environment wherever we operate
  • Internal communications promoting environmentally-friendly behavior
  • Re-use and recycling of materials in partnership with skilled waste management companies
  • Resources consumption to limit waste wherever possible
  • Environmental emergency training

In all these areas the Group is committed to exceeding customer expectations in relation to respect for the environment and sustainability.




Our environmental performance has a direct and indirect impact on human health and on the environment itself, for this reason the Group is committed to exceeding customer expectations in relation to respect for the environment and sustainability.

Ompi facility in Piombino Dese generates several types of waste, depending on the nature of manufacturing operations. The Group has always been committed in improving process efficiency resulting in less waste generated. Nowadays 99% of the waste produced is recycled.


The performance in reducing gas consumption is a result of the increased efficiency of our plants and of the transition from a predominantly bulk production to a production in Ez-fill. 
This transition, however, entails an increase in energy consumption, which is the reason why Stevanato Group's commitment has now focused on energy efficiency, through the installation of photovoltaic panels and through a heat recovery system from the cooling water of compressors.

The next step to further increase energy efficiency will be the creation of a trigeneration plant on which we are already working.



Quality FocusPharmaceutical containers are part of the pharmaceutical product itself, and therefore must represent maximum quality for the patient: the quality of the product goes hand-in-hand with patient safety, which is the primary objective for everyone involved in the process.

Since the Stevanato Group creates systems and processes that guarantee the integrity of parenteral medicines, it has defined a list of principles that guide the everyday activity of all its sub-brands. These principles are the basis of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), representing the quality management system orientation of the whole Group.

The aim is to always guarantee:

  • Patient safety
  • Product conformity
  • Customer-focused orientation
  • GMP conformity
  • Quality Management System conformity
  • "Right first time".