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29/11/2011 Doubling the size of the plant in Mexico

"Organic growth", said Company President Cav. Sergio Stevanato, "is the basis of every solid industrial company. That's why, in keeping with our business plan, we have decided to begin doubling the plant in Mexico. The investment plan will initially open with the amount of 4.5 million Euros, which is expected to double early in 2012, and will reach 30 million by the time the plant has been completed."

29/10/2009 The pharmaceutical world in Venice for Stevanato Group

Venice, October 28, 2009 - Today the Island of San Giorgio in Venice hosted 300 representatives of the leading players in the worldwide pharmaceutical industry for a meeting on quality, product and service innovation, and internationalization.

01/01/2009 60th Anniversary - Stevanato Group: 60 years of excellence

Founded in 1949 by Cav. Giovanni Stevanato is now a multisite group with more than 1.000 employees all around the world.