Facts & Figures

Stevanato Group is a family-owned company
with over 65 years of experience in pharmaceutical glass packaging behind it

The Group features two main operational areas in the general field of glass containers for healthcare industry:

pharmaceutical system

Pharmaceutical System
specialized in ready-to-use glass containers and bulk primary packaging, from syringes and cartridges to vials and ampoules, and in high quality and high precision plastic solutions for diagnostic, pharmaceutical and medical device applications
engineering system

Engineering System
specialized in glass forming technology, inspection systems, assembly, packaging machines and serialization solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

The two operational divisions comprise

0 plants for Pharmaceutical Systems
0 plants for Engineering Systems
employing 0
It has a multi-national structure with a special focus
on the region around the company headquarters.
Stevanato Group is currently
the market leader in the manufacture
of cartridges for insulin pen injectors.
the group archived revenues of about
€ 456 M
IN 2016
More than
of revenue are derived
from export.
of revenue is invested
in research.
The Group is proud of its
collaboration with
Universities and Scientific
Organizations to support
further research and
development into
pharmaceutical glass.