EuPFI Conference | come to visit us at tabletop #2 19th-21th September, Warsaw

This conference series is the ideal forum to learn, grow and to be inspired on the development of age appropriate dosage forms.

Marking the 10th anniversary of the Paediatric Regulation and foundation of EuPFI consortium, this year's conference will be an opportunity to gather together to reflect back on the past decade of paediatric formulations, to celebrate accomplishments, to welcome new researchers and enriching networking opportunities and to consider how novel and emerging technologies will yield further insights into what the future may bring.

Therefore, the programme is devised to include talks on ‘10 Years of European Paediatric Regulation and Formulation’, Scoping the needs for paediatric formulation of old medicine, Lessons learned from acceptability and palatability studies in PIPs and MAA and so on.

Come to visit us! Balda will be present at tabletop #2

Our expert Corinna Fischer will give the following speech: "Dial the Dose"- a precision liquid dispenser.